I have a problem with a computer right now, and have not signed up yet, can you help?

Certainly. We also offer support on a “Pay as you Go”  basis. Should the loss of information be part of the difficulty you are experiencing, we will give it our best shot to attempt a recovery of your lost information. Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable if the recovery process fails as we did not make a backup of your information before the loss.

Must I have internet access for you to assist me?

Yes, you need to be connected to the internet, or move your computer to a location where there is internet connection.

There are sensitive information stored on our server. Can you help us in granting only the relevant people access to the resources?

Yes we can. Security and file sharing permissions forms part of the services we provide.

We are concerned about the security of our information. Do you use a safe method of connecting to our network.

Securing your information is our business and our first priority. We use several different technologies of the highest standard to ensure that your information remains secure, and not vulnerable to attack by outside parties. We will also only use methods that your company approves and agrees upon for our connection sessions.


Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us with your question of concern.